These are the works I've selected for my World Lit. canon project :

1.      Popol Vuh (Native America/New World)

2.      Monkey (Wu Ch’eng-En; China)

3.      Tartuffe (Moliere; France)

19th Century

4.      Faust (Goethe)

5.      Songs of Innocence/Experience (Blake)

6.      Queen of Spades (Pushkin)

7.      The  Cherry Orchard (Chekov)

8.      Confessions (Rousseau)

20th Century

9.      Things Fall Apart (Achebe) (Nigeria)

10.  Diary of a Madman (Lu Xun) (China)

11.  Dracula (1897; Stoker) (Ireland)

12.  1984 (Orwell) (English/Brit colony)

13.  The Good Earth (1935; Buck) (China)

14.  A Room of One’s Own (Woolf)

15.  Zaabalawi (Mahfouz) (Egypt)

Also, I have a few blogs I still need to make up. I'm considering vlogging them rather than typing them. I love this class and I can't believe the semester's already almost over! This has been my favorite class

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