Yes, I am aware that Cashore and Pon do not have nearly the recognition that Virginia Woolf has, but that is not my focus. My focus as I read a piece by Woolf will be feminism in writing itself. I am especially looking forward to including Pon in my blog, for after reading about the oppression of old Chinese society in Lu Xun's _Diary of a Madman_, it will be interesting to take the fictional aspects both share and tie them in with fact. I will also be interested to see where Woolf stands in feminism and how it has changed since her time. Even my own writing is feminist to some extent.
    I have a feeling I would have been burned at the stake in Woolf's time because of my writing... =P
Diana Watkins
1/29/2012 11:28:47 am

Since I just finished Mockingjay this afternoon, your Hunger Games reference jumped out at me.

Since you mentioned the, ahem, spirited discussion concerning feminism, I will tell you that was the liveliest discussion I've seen on Woolf thus far in my career.

Taylor Bailey
1/29/2012 11:38:11 am

It really was interesting! I've never actually been involved in a discussion like that before. It certainly was a new experience for me! =)


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