It'd been a very long time since I'd seen a movie that made me feel ANYTHING. (This is being written before The Hunger Games movie). Sure, there have been several that have kept me entertained. After all, that is the primary intent of a movie, right? Still, I feel that lately character development in movies has been exceptionally weak. I didn't even come to that realization until I made a discovery. This discovery has quickly become an addiction, and I've discovered there are many topics that American films wouldn't dare go near.
The movie I watched recently (which wasn't necessarily a full-length movie at all, but cinematics and cutscenes) was Crisis Core, of Final Fantasy VII. I wasn't expecting much, despite the fact I knew the FF series is EXTREMELY popular. (I was temporarily shunned at my high school for having never played/s I mean, it's video game cinematics/cutscenes, and the ones I'm used to are Tekken, COD, and SC.
Crisis Core was MINDBLOWING.
I NEVER expected that kind of character development from a game. Honestly, I have learned to not even expect that level of it in movies!!! The story is one I can't even explain. It's something one must experience on their own. Zack Fair goes on my Best Characters list for sure! I don't think any film maker in Hollywood would dare go near a story like Zack's. It was one of the deepest, most emotional stories I've ever experienced. Art? Gorgeous. Music? Lovely. Story? Powerful. There have been rare occasions (very, very rare) that I have almost shed a tear in movies. Almost. Yet I cried at the ending (which I will warn is not happy), despite the fact I had already known what would happen.
I'm just speechless.
Perhaps this AMV will help express what I'm trying to say. With well over 2,000,000 views, it has surpassed the real music video for the song. In this video are clips from Crisis Core and what I'll call its sequel, Advent Children (which I will be watching very soon).

What an impressive feat these gamemakers have accomplished! They've accomplished what AT LEAST 90% of today's writers (books, movies, games, etc.) could never.

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