My dreams are pretty much as bizarre as you can possibly get. Always. I never have "normal" dreams. Last night's dream was even weirder than usual, if that's even possible.
The first thing you should know about my dreams is that they rarely involve people I actually know. Usually, they are fictional characters (my own original characters) and I tend to "see" through the eyes of one of them though my thoughts are my own and not the characters. I've tried analyzing my dreams, but they don't follow any lines whatsoever. Think Inception (multiple layers) meets Final Fantasy, the Expendables, the Fast and the Furious, Avatar (as in James Cameron's Avatar), and Sailor Moon all combined. 
Yeah. My point exactly. 
It makes no sense.
There is no sense in taking a high-powered classic American muscle car off-roading in a torrential downpour/severe thunderstorm in the middle of the night near a department store parking lot, nor is there any explanation for the fact that I was driving and I couldn't even figure out what character I was. There is also no reason that any of the group of people "I" was with to be wearing the strange outfits they were wearing. I can't remember at all what "I" was wearing, though I know it was not a dress. 
This group of unnamed fictional characters and "I" were leaving the department store (though I remember none of us liked shopping, so I'm not sure why we were there) in an SUV. One of the male characters disappeared because he got upset about something, which the other characters were saying was very unlike him. "I " wasn't paying attention, because I (meaning whatever character I was) was too busy trying to figure out what the heck was going on and, for some reason, trying to figure out how I was going to manage to drive up into the mountains (what mountains?!) in this storm. So Random Male Character leaves, and the other characters inform me of this. I decide to help them find him, and the SUV we were in is now somehow a classic 1970s blue Dodge Charger. How? Why? I have no idea. 
http://images.thecarconnection.com/med/1970-dodge-charger-from-fast-furious_100226391_m.jpg Just like this only blue.
 So, we (meaning characters who are unknown to me) set off in an off-roading fury in search of this character, because for some reason, he's important to the group. Nobody was really terribly worried though, and "I" was cool as a cucumber and showing off my driving skills. I was determined to help my "friends" find this character again. We'd driven halfway up the mountain in the storm. We'd accomplished a lot, and I remember that we were just getting ready to find out what happened to him.
Then I woke up.
Then I went back to sleep, and we were all back in the SUV, but the character had returned and everything was dandy.


I've tried to analyze it. My writer's mind is wild and creates some pretty bizarre dreams, but this just didn't even make sense. I couldn't even figure out what character I was! And who was everyone else? I wonder if the colors signify anything. I remember "I" was wearing blacks and browns, the disappeared character was wearing red, and the car was blue. I'm assuming the storm and the mountains represent subconscious obstacles, but I'm at a loss for the rest.



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