Yes, I know I'm white.
Hello spray tans, wigs, and makeup.
will be ATTEMPTING to cosplay one of the following :
1. Avatar Korra (manageable I think) <-- maybe, hopefully (I know I know. I'm pale, I'm Caucasian. But I'm a martial artist, I'm fairly fit and can get very fit by the time the con rolls around, and I have a tanning deal at the Riviera.  My eyes are already blue. With a wig and if I darkened my eyebrows, this might work. (Hopefully).
2. Jun the bounty hunter, ATLA (VERY manageable, my backup)
3. Elena (the Turk) from Final Fantasy (EASY) <-- highly likely, probably the most likely. This would probably be most appropriate for me and my appearance, since I'm already blonde and all...I'd only need a suit.
4. Metalbending chief of police Toph (I have a budget, probably not going to happen).
5. ...Asami? I don't know. I don't really have that girly look...


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