I'm proud of who I am, no matter how nerdy that may be. I'm grateful for the friends I have who accept me for who I am, rather than anything else. Only my closest friends know I'm a total dweeb at heart, and they are the ones I love the most. 
I don't really care if you can't accept me as I am. I'm a reader. I'm a writer. I'm a dreamer. 
I like fiction and fantasy because it's an escape from my dull reality. The power of the mind and imagination is where truth and brilliance lie, not in material possessions or other things of false importance. 
I am truly thankful for those of you who support me despite my quirks. It's nice to have people who understand and aren't always trying to push me into the illusion we call the "real" world. To me, the only thing that's real in our society are the bonds that hold all humans together and the love we share for those of our kind. Which, of course, is a pitiable few. 
If you don't understand me, GET REAL. 
Grow up.
Peace and love to all the real people of this world.


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