I recently discovered that my good friend, Tabitha, just happens to be the events director of the con I'm going to in November. Talk about luck! I revealed to my parents (remember, they are cool people. I don't know how they deal with having a nerd for a daughter) that I would be cosplaying. My mom really surprised me, saying she'd be willing to help me put together the costume! Her exact words were "Go big or go home." 
My mother is normally opposed to nerd stuff. I'm so thrilled she's onboard! I think I've managed to convince my 'rents that nerd can really be cool! My dad even wants to cosplay now! Since he is a rancher in real life and already has the natural cowboy look, I recommended going with a character like John from Red Dead Redemption or Indiana Jones even. I think he'd make a great Indie Jones!
As I've mentioned before, I will be cosplaying Asami Sato this year. I'm going to try to learn to sew next summer so I can really expand my range of options. Technically, I'm built more like Korra. I've been working out a lot and doubled my martial arts training, as I do every summer. I've never gotten a slim, elegant, feminine build out of it (I still have a figure, I'm not mannish, but I'm very muscular). I've always automatically put on muscle weight, actually getting bigger rather than smaller. I'm just so white though, and I already have some things that would work for Asami's outfit. Plus, I adore Asami and there's nothing wrong with cosplaying her!
I'm really excited about this con, can you tell?


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