You're not a bad writer. Stop beating yourself up! There is no work that is perfect, even though perfection is something we as writers strive for. Before I got to college, I didn't have any confidence in my writing. Sure, it was fun, but I never thought it was good. Granted, I graduated from an arts school full of exceptional writers. Now that I'm in college, though, I'm taking a creative writing course through the Honors College. My professor has us do timed "free writes," which I highly recommend.

The purpose of these free writing exercises is to “loosen us up.” Since it isn’t a formal exercise and there is no grade for our work, we aren’t concerned with editing. I’ve always been the person who edits while I write, which is actually not a good thing. It’s great for essays, but when it comes to fiction, it can really hinder your creativity. I’ve already noticed a dramatic improvement in my writing. I really recommend experimenting with some timed free writing. I also recommend starting with a simple prompt, such as a single line of dialogue. Don’t think, just write. I know it sounds crazy, but my word-vomit short stories are far better than my structured novel attempts!

I know this isn’t exactly a review, but I hope this advice will help you anyway. I wish I would have known to try this earlier. Perhaps I would have finished my own novel by now! Good luck and never stop writing!



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