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TaylorTaekwondo : This is a slight rant, for which I apologize. It’s really interesting that my parents get mad at me because of the shows I watch. I’m home from college for the summer, and each year it’s my own personal tradition to re-watch my Avatar : the Last Airbender DVDs. I grew up with that show and have always loved it. I don’t see anything wrong with re-watching something I love so much, especially when I’m taking a break from my busy college schedule. Yet, my parents can’t stand it. They think it’s ridiculous that I’m “still watching cartoons at nineteen.” It’s not like I waste time watching TV either; I only watch it at night when everything else has been done. Even though my mom hasn’t seen the show and my dad hasn’t watched it since it first aired, they judge it because it’s animated. Meanwhile, my mom spends hours on end watching shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, the Real Housewives programs, and miscellaneous reality shows and fashion-related programs. My dad doesn’t really watch TV, but when he does, it’s just whatever movie is on the commercial-free movie channels. I would never disrespect their tastes in shows - regardless of the fact that I have an utter disdain for reality television - yet they continue to disrespect mine. I might understand if I were to bring it up in conversation, but I don’t. I simply sit quietly and listen about Emily Maynard’s relationship drama whether than bring up anything about my television interests. To me, ATLA is no ordinary show. It’s fantastic; a beautiful story with dynamic characters and stunning animation. I am also a fan of Legend of Korra. I’m not a weak person. I’m the type who knows when to speak her mind and when to hold her tongue, and asking that they respect my love for this “cartoon” is a losing battle. I only wish they could understand. 

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