...goes a long way. I saw that this poor girl was feeling upset on the internet because her mother had called her a cow after she'd had a terrible day at school. When I saw her post, I had to comment. That really is the worst feeling and I've been in similar situations. What I loved is that I wasn't the only one. Her followers swooped in with kind messages, and the girl posted this photo.
The fact that we were able to help her day a little better was such a rewarding experience. The moral of the story : you don't know how someone is feeling - when they're feeling down, lonely, or miserable, so be nice to everyone.
I've been watching Ouran Highschool Host Club! Keep an eye out for a new blog under the Talking Nerdy section!
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That's cute.

#I've been a Tekken Lord since I was 8 years old. 
You're not a bad writer. Stop beating yourself up! There is no work that is perfect, even though perfection is something we as writers strive for. Before I got to college, I didn't have any confidence in my writing. Sure, it was fun, but I never thought it was good. Granted, I graduated from an arts school full of exceptional writers. Now that I'm in college, though, I'm taking a creative writing course through the Honors College. My professor has us do timed "free writes," which I highly recommend.

The purpose of these free writing exercises is to “loosen us up.” Since it isn’t a formal exercise and there is no grade for our work, we aren’t concerned with editing. I’ve always been the person who edits while I write, which is actually not a good thing. It’s great for essays, but when it comes to fiction, it can really hinder your creativity. I’ve already noticed a dramatic improvement in my writing. I really recommend experimenting with some timed free writing. I also recommend starting with a simple prompt, such as a single line of dialogue. Don’t think, just write. I know it sounds crazy, but my word-vomit short stories are far better than my structured novel attempts!

I know this isn’t exactly a review, but I hope this advice will help you anyway. I wish I would have known to try this earlier. Perhaps I would have finished my own novel by now! Good luck and never stop writing!



It is beginning again.


I'm not ready. I feel like my summer just flew past me and I didn't even catch a glimpse. I didn't take a single break for myself. I did nothing. I trained in Taekwondo, hung with my family and friends, but all the rest of the time? Nothing.



Now it's all starting up again, double-time with my new sorority life. My brain is still tired from last year.
IDK what to do.
Looking forward to spending time with my old friends and new ones.
But I'm not ready for class.