"Om Vajradharma Kilik." (The All Knowing One, Kilik, Buddhist reference).
"Kali-Yuga, show me the way."
This is my favorite painting to date! I don't know how it magically turned out this good, but I'm THRILLED! Kilik is my #1 favorite Soul Calibur ever. This is him at age 23, in SCIII. I used a reference from the intro for the game and converted it to line art. All painting and background work were done by me.
I love him so much! I only wish he and Xianghua could have raised their son, instead of Xiba having to be raised by someone else. =(
 As always, this work is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced, used, or shared without my permission. I DO NOT OWN KILIK OR SOUL CALIBUR.
Kilik and Soul Calibur (c) Namco Bandai.
For a larger size, please see the post below.


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