The essay I will be completing this week is a "This I Believe" paper. I went with a topic that is general, peace, but personal to some extent. I went to a very diverse school, racially, culturally, etc. In my paper, I describe situations I encountered on a daily basis. 
    Some of those situations were about class systems, others simply about language barriers or multi-lingual students. In my essay, I describe how it gave me a broader perspective on the world.
    After all, perspective is everything when it comes to peace vs. conflict.
    Also, by going to a culturally diverse school, it exposed me to more world literature (which is, ironically, a course I am now taking in college). My school could get away with that, sense every culture was represented. I think it's important to accept each other as different and not try to change each other's ways. I believe that in itself is the meaning of peace.

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